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PVC iPod Boombox

I have been (without luck) looking for a beach-proof boombox with an iPod dock.
Aside from a jobsite radio; like this Bosch or Milwaukee, there’s nothing I would kick around the sand. But, these tend to be on the hefty side.So, I decided to build my own. I found many inspirations and did recall a set of speakers¬†housed in PVC.
Design Goals:
1. Portable2. Battery Powered and Rechargable

3. Beach/Sand/Waterproof – PVC provides that. And I’m no wizard with building wood boxes.

4. Bawls – Wanted something that could pump out the jams. 25 Watts seems like plenty with the 4″ speakers.

Tools / Materials / Parts & Pieces:
Version 1.0 2′ length of 4″ PVC pipe
2 x 4″ PVC 90 degree elbows.
3/4 Plywood board
2 x 4″ drain grates
2′ length of 3″ PVC pipe
Version 2.0 4″ PVC Tee
Weatherproof Electrical Outlet Cover – Makes a great dock for iPod Nano, Mini and Classic. iPod Touch’s are a little too long for this.
Sure 2x25w Class-D Amplifier
– Has enough oomph for this project and is small.
DC 5V 9V 12V Portable Rechargeable CCTV Li-ion battery
– Found on eBay. Has 5V USB output for recharging devices AND 12V 2.1mm output for powering the amp.
3. Audio/Sync Cable for iPhone/iPod (Apple Dock Connector to USB / 3.5mm Audio) – Allows for input into the amplifier and will also charge the iPod off the battery.
2 x Dayton Audio RS100-4 4″ Reference Full-Range Driver 4 Ohm
– These sound great paired with the amp above.
End Result:
Version 1.0I really wasn’t thrilled with the end result of 1.0. It was heavy and cumbersome at 20″ wide.

I left this undone and moved on to 2.0.

(Click image for larger version)

Version 2.0A 4″ PVC Tee provided enough room for all the components and is a little more portable at 16″ wide.

(Click image for larger version)

Version 3.0I am considering moving the volume and power controls to the rear. I am researching a passive crossover and a 4″ midbass for the front port.
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